Using Feng Shui to create a healing bedroom

How can Feng Shui help me to heal?
By understanding the flow of energy (chi) in your home, it is possible to create a calm environment that supports your healing. We want the chi to flow gently through your home in a meandering fashion, so put very simply Feng Shui seeks to correct chi that is stagnating or moving too fast. There are several steps to this, but the most important one that should be done first is dealing with your clutter. Clutter depletes the natural flow of energy and can leave you feeling powerless and lethargic. Once this is cleared you can consider the following suggestions.

How can a room heal you?
Your bedroom is where you sleep and you body can renew itself. Your home should be a sanctuary, a place where you can relax in your own personal space. If you share a home this can be challenging, but your bedroom should really be a space where you can have a break and take time out. Deep sleep is essential for the renewal and repair process which is as natural as breathing. Your body is programmed to renew itself, you just need to create the right conditions to allow this to happen. You may spend time at work in a very hectic, artificial environment full of stresses on your mind, body and soul. When you come home, you return to yourself.

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care
The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath
Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course,
Chief nourisher in life’s feast.
~William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Black out curtains can be very useful to promote deep sleep. Ensure your curtains move easily and are kept clean.
Your bed should be comfortable with sheets regularly changed. This promotes positive energy and maintains cleanliness too. A new mattress should always be bought when you have a new relationship, or new phase in your life.
Place the bed in a location that gives you clear sight of the door. Do not place the bed next to a window. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed. Place next to your bed instead of over it.
Go for the best quality bed you can afford. Choose wooden beds over metal beds since metal beds can conduct electricity, which may not be positive chi.
Natural fabrics are best, try and get cotton sheets and soft furnishings. Consider your floor coverings, again natural materials are best.
The removal of clutter in your bedroom will help to still your mind, this includes under or over the bed. A pile of books that you keep meaning to read is ‘unfinished business’ that your mind is aware of, put them away in another room.
Mirrors can bounce energy around the room, ideally have no mirrors, or if you have small mirrors, get into the habit of covering them with scarves when you go to bed.
Artwork, any pictures should be uplifting, inspiring and relaxing. The best advice is to choose images that represent what you want to see in your life, unless you want to be sad, don’t use sad and lonely images in your bedroom.
No items relating to work, even stuff in drawers, your subconscious mind knows it is there, and this can be a barrier to total relaxation.
Fresh air, turn back your covers, open the window and air your room for at least an hour a day. You need fresh air to thrive. Let the fresh air bring fresh energy into your room, and into your life.
Keep all the bedroom doors closed at night, including wardrobe, drawers and en-suite door. This will allow the best flow of energy to strengthen your health.
Colours, choose soothing colours, pastel shades are calming. Green is very good, as it is connected with nature, and soft violets, lavenders, yellows, blues, whites and greys are all good. More vibrant colours may be too energetic for healing to be supported.
EMFs –(electromagnetic fields) are very harmful to health. All electrical equipment will emit EMFs at some level so try to avoid in your bedroom. If you really want a TV, ensure it is positioned as far away from your bed as possible. Do not keep a mobile phone charger next to your bed. To ensure you are not at risk of electrical equipment from rooms adjoining your bedroom, an EMF monitor can measure whether you are exposed to harmful levels.

Never use plug in air fresheners they are known to be carcinogenic (they cause cancer) and can be a fire hazard. If you want to add fragrance, use an oil burner with essential oils, or burn some good quality candles scented with natural oils. (never leave unattended!)
• Use soft drapes and soft relaxing bed sheets and cushions
• Avoid large living plants
• Avoid dried or artificial flowers; they attract dust and negative energy.
• Keep all rubbish out of the bedroom
• No fish tanks or fountains in bedrooms
• Use soft lighting so that the light in the bedroom is not too harsh, but subtle and calming.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. ~Irish Proverb

For more in depth help with your personal situation, I am available for consultations.
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