Caroline’s Campaign makeover day




Aged 44, I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, rare and aggressive, in January 2008. Within days of diagnosis I was plunged into the scary world of chemotherapy and was told that I must have a mastectomy as soon as possible to give me the best chance of survival. Like many other women, I just did my best to get through this, I lost my hair within a week of starting chemo, my face was bloated from the steroids, I felt like I was dying but I had to believe the treatment would save my life. And it did.
In June I had the mastectomy, I was heartbroken, and thought I would never recover. Everywhere I looked there were women with beautiful breasts, like I used to have. I was devastated.
I was tired, emotional and feeling like I had completely lost my identity when I was nominated for a makeover with Caroline’s Campaign, by Judy at my local Macmillan Centre.
15th July 2008, I remember it well, the day was amazing. I was given a fabulous designer wig, so natural looking, much better than the acrylic one I got from the NHS. My new wig was styled with care by Toni and Guy stylists, and then I had my eyebrows tattooed. Wow! What a difference that made, my face started to look human again. My friend Lindsey came with me to the makeover, and burst into tears at one point and said ‘ Oh Gabby, you look normal again’. Weeping we hugged each other.

Gabby and Lindsey

I looked normal – how wonderful.
Then I had makeup and false eyelashes applied for me, nails painted, it was lovely to be pampered. After months of hospital appointments and treatments it was great to be treated like a woman, not just a patient.
Caroline‘s team were amazing, they all took such good care of me and the other ladies and it was a very emotional day.
When I returned home my husband could barely recognise me, I was glowing with excitement and I felt so happy. I really began to feel like I was on the road to recovery and could not stop grinning. I demanded to be taken out for cocktails; I looked too good to stay in the house!
We had a great evening, and I knew I had turned a big corner, life after cancer was in front of me, I could feel it now, and it felt great.

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About gabbymottershead

Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor and advocate, Breast Cacner UK ambassador, party animal, proud grandmother, mother to two wonderful sons, wife to Paul, loving life in Manchester, the best place on earth. Love my family, live music, my house rabbit and general shenanigans.
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