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Breast cancer screening: The message from Australia where they looked at more recent research (not 20 years old as did the UK Independent Review) is that fewer lives are saved by screening and there is more harm than concluded by the Marmot Review. Opting in instead of opting out is suggested. Instead of sending set appointments which women have to either decline (often with difficulty) or accept, they would have access to full information. This is not only sensible, it is what women need if they are to have autonomy re screening. It is not the place of breast cancer charities or the NHS to recommend an intervention that causes so much harm and so little benefit.


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Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor and advocate, dancing with No Evidence of Disease. Party animal, proud grandmother, mother to two wonderful sons, wife to Paul, loving life in Manchester, the best place on earth. Love my family, live music and helping others overcome adversity and love the gift of life.
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