I was just about to write a blog on why I will never have another mammogram, this sums it up perfectly! Do your research ladies and stay safe x

Even stars explode

Screening With Mammography

The latest assessment from the National Cancer Institute on screening mammography can be found at: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/screening/breast/healthprofessional/page1#Section_13

Screening information usually begins with ‘benefits’, as does the information on the above site, but I am setting out  the harms first since (to me) these far outweigh the benefits.

HarmsBased on solid evidence, screening mammography may lead to the following harms:

  • Overdiagnosis and Resulting Treatment of Insignificant Cancers: Diagnosis of cancers that would otherwise never have caused symptoms or death in a woman’s lifetime can expose a woman to the immediate risks of therapy (surgical deformity or toxicities from radiation therapy, hormone therapy or chemotherapy), late sequelae (lymphedema), and late effects of therapeutic radiation (new cancers, scarring, or cardiac toxicity). (My comment – risks of effects of treatment are lifelong and effects  may be lifelong, debilitating, disabling and negatively impact on quality of life – see Lymphoedema Support…

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