Rise in cancer patients facing discrimination at work

This report, in the news today has made my blood boil.

The number of cancer patients who have experienced discrimination at work has risen, according to research published today from charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.
The research shows almost four in 10 people (37%) who return to work after cancer treatment say they experience some kind of discrimination from their employer or colleagues, compared to just under a quarter (23%) in 2010.
The YouGov survey of more than 2,000 UK adults living with cancer who returned to work after treatment found one in 10 felt harassed to the point they could not stay in their job.
It also showed one in eight said their employer failed to make reasonable changes to enable them to do their job.
Macmillan claim patients have reported being ‘denied time off for medical appointments’, ‘passed over by promotion’ or ‘feeling abused by their employer or colleague’.

If you are lucky enough not to have had cancer you may be shocked by this. Sadly, I am not, I know too many people who have experienced this.
A lovely lady I met, let’s call her Kate, has worked as a nurse for the NHS for over 20years. She has a rare and aggressive cancer that is not responding to treatment. Her employers, the NHS, have decided that she has had enough time off now for medical appointments, she now uses her annual holiday entitlement for hospital visits.
So if the cancer doesn’t get you, your employer might just do. No wonder many cancer patients after treatment decide to retire, stay on benefits, or if they are really brave – start their own business.


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Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor and advocate, dancing with NED. Party animal, proud grandmother, mother to two wonderful sons, wife to Paul, loving life in Manchester, the best place on earth. Love my family, live music, my house rabbit and helping others overcome adversity and love the gift of life.
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4 Responses to Rise in cancer patients facing discrimination at work

  1. Suze says:

    have you read the report or just the news on it which may not be the same thing! I am hunting for the report reference.

  2. Jo Milne says:

    Wouldn’t the Equality Act and disability discrimination act cover people at work, it’s awful to see Kate’s story, who spent her career helping others for her employer and then when she needs them the most, they let her down. Disgraceful.

    • Jo, yes she is covered by the law, but is afraid of the consequences if she protests. Another friend told me recently about another woman working in the NHS who is facing exactly the same!!!

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