Of Savages and Kings

Such a sad story

Researching Reform

Britain used to pride itself on many things: education, law enforcement and a sense of calm in a crisis. Over the years, those values have eroded, eaten away by profit margins, lethargy and an unreasonable belief that technology will evolve entire nations with the click of a mouse.

What we are left with are the ruins of dreams. What we are left with, is Ashya King.

Ashya is the five-year old boy who has a brain tumour and whose parents removed him from hospital to flee to Malaga. The hospital in question refused to treat Ashya with a procedure the parents felt was less invasive – a procedure which targets the tumour specifically, avoiding, as the parents explained, Ashya’s entire body being bombarded with radiation. The hospital refused to entertain this therapy, and so the family fled to Malaga to find alternative treatment.

The police then issued an arrest warrant…

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