It’s ‘Volunteers’ Week’ from 1-7 June and Breast Cancer UK

BCUKIt’s ‘Volunteers’ Week’ from 1-7 June and Breast Cancer UK, a national charity focused on breast cancer prevention, would like to thank its Ambassador, Gabby Mottershead, for helping people in Manchester reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Gabby has joined a network of BCUK Ambassadors across the country, who go out into their local communities to make people more aware of the risk factors for breast cancer and share simple ways to lead a healthier life. The Ambassador project is being funded by The Big Lottery.

Since my successful treatment for Breast Cancer in 2008 for Inflammatory Breast Cancer described as ‘aggressive and highly likely to recur’, I have been on a mission to improve my own health and minimise my risk of recurrence,” explains Gabby. “I have been shocked to find out that chemicals in everyday products are linked to increased chances of breast cancer, and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with women who may feel powerless. Simple lifestyle changes are easy to make and it feels very empowering to be taking steps to improve my health, and reduce my risk of cancer coming back.”

‘Let’s Prevent Breast Cancer’ talks are available to community groups and other local organisations free of charge. The Ambassador will share details about breast cancer risk but, most importantly, make positive suggestions for reducing risk, which anyone can choose to adopt in their everyday lives.

“We are so grateful to Gabby and all our other volunteers who have joined us to raise the voice of breast cancer prevention. They are an amazing group of people and all so passionate about helping others to lead healthier lives,” explains Nikki Mattei, Ambassador Project Manager.

Anyone wishing to book a ‘Let’s Prevent Breast Cancer’ talk should complete this online booking form.

Anyone wishing to apply as a Breast Cancer UK Ambassador should register their interest on the Breast Cancer UK website.

For further information press contacts:
Nikki Mattei, Ambassador Project Manager – 07814 504755
Louise Bowers, Communications Manager – 07930 854 527


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