As Trump Declares War on the World it’s Left to Obama to provide some Class

On a day when billions of people around the world pinched themselves, took a deep breath- and possibly a shot of vodka- and came to terms with the realisation that Donald Trump now has the nuclear …

Source: As Trump Declares War on the World it’s Left to Obama to provide some Class

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Legends of Rock

Metal Fatigue

4 Days

50 Bands

No Sleep

100’s of friends

Innumerable memories

(and a few embarrassing pics :-p)

Thanks to all involved

If you missed it… book for next year and see what you are missing

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Mick Ralphs Blues Band at Giants of Rock, Minehead 29/1/16

Source: Mick Ralphs Blues Band at Giants of Rock, Minehead 29/1/16

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Mick Ralphs Blues Band at Giants of Rock, Minehead 29/1/16

brilliant band! I loved every minute of their set at Giants of Rock

Darren's music blog

“If the last time you saw Mick Ralphs was on some distant stadium stage this is a chance to get up close to the man and his music,” says the programme for the weekend.

Actually, no -the last time I saw former Mott the Hoople and Bad Company guitar supremo, Mick Ralphs, was right here at Butlins for the same Giants of Rock weekend just a year ago. But so impressive was he and the rest of his band it was an experience I was more than happy to repeat.

As I noted last year, Ralphs has assembled a very able bunch of musicians, Jim Maving on additional guitar, Dicky Baldwin on bass and (new boy) Damon Sawyer on drums. Inescapable logic about inevitable human mortality is reminding us that the rock icons of the 70s are not going to be around forever. Indeed, we are losing quite a…

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Jeremy Hunt, Social Media and the Future of the NHS

Big Up the NHS

I honestly think that this is the most important piece that I have ever written. It is a little longer than most and will take you five or six minutes to read. It contains many links so may be a useful starting point if you are interested in further reading.

If you don’t have time now please save it and come to it later, perhaps with a glass of your preferred tipple. You can then take time to read the most important links (in RED) and consider the implications more carefully.

If you like it and agree with my conclusions then please share it with others.

Above all – make sure that you take note of what you can do personally to help in the fight to save the NHS.

Wow what a week.

Jeremy Hunt offended hospital consultants with unfounded claims of laziness and greed leading to…

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Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media

World Affairs

Every single mainstream media has the following narrative for the economic crisis in Greece: the government spent too much money and went broke; the generous banks gave them money, but Greece still can’t pay the bills because it mismanaged the money that was given. It sounds quite reasonable, right?

Except that it is a big fat lie … not only about Greece, but about other European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland who are all experiencing various degrees of austerity. It was also the same big, fat lie that was used by banks and corporations to exploit many Latin American, Asian and African countries for many decades.

Greece did not fail on its own. It was made to fail.

In summary, the banks wrecked the Greek government, and then deliberately pushed it into unsustainable debt … while revenue-generating public assets were sold off to oligarchs and international corporations…

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The Magnificent Seven! 7 years NED


Good morning!

And what a beautiful morning it is, a sunny day to mark my celebration of 7 years NED (No evidence of disease) of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

A day of reflection and deep gratitude for all the lovely people who have helped me on my journey to recovery. As usual this is tinged with sadness for all the people I’ve met who have not been as lucky as me.

I’ve packed a lot into these 7 seven years, cried a bit, laughed a lot and learned many things:

  • Mammograms cause cancer- so no thanks, not for me
  • Health and wellbeing are not the goals of drug companies, so avoid medication if you can
  • Growing old is a privilege denied to many, so I am grateful for every birthday
  • Not everyone who runs a charity or support group are neccessarily nice or kind
  • Lots of nice and kind people are all around us
  • You are what you eat
  • You are also what you think about, so think happy thoughts
  • Spend time with happy people – it’s contagious!
  • Life is not always fair – get over it
  • The harder I work, the luckier I get
  • Miracles happen every day
  • You can’t change other people, only yourself, so stop trying
  • Never, never, never give up

I was asked to give a talk yeserday at the Macmillan Centre in Trafford, a wonderful place that helped me in my darkest hours; relaxation, reflexology, Reiki, singing in their choir, Tai Chi, counselling were all provided for me, in a safe haven with people who understood what I was going through.

They held a Ladies Day, where I learned about Pandiculation  friend(no, never heard of it before, but it was great, this little fellow was stretched as we did deep breathing and yawning), some live music, a lovely lunch and then some pampering; hand massages, manicures, some women from Boots doing makeovers and me giving women eyebrows with Tropic.

The day started with me as the ‘motivational speaker’, as usual I was nervous about doing the talk, but was delighted with all the positive feedback I got, after my talk and throughout the day. I got home, tired but happy to a lovely email from the Macmillan worker who had organised the day ‘Many many thanks for your presentation Gabby. We were very pleased at how the day went, and your talk set the tone brilliantly! Many clients commented on how what you said moved, inspired and reassured them.’

All is well, thank you for reading x

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